About Us

  • Why we are providing everyone in Canada with a free classifieds?
    Canada has done so much for us and we have to give back some to the community. Plus, this site has gathered most passionate people about websites together.
  • How expert is this team and what are their limits?
    We go beyond and we are willing to make any sacrifices. Let us know if a service or feature is not meeting your expectation. We do our best to address it as soon as possible.
  • How the site pays for its servers and other costs?
    We have options of upgrading an ad to a featured ad. It does cover up some of our costs. Plus, many of our staff do donate their time to make this site possible.
  • I think I can help you with this site. How can I join your team?
    We are always open to hear from others and we would love to get help from others too. Any help from our visitors would be appreciated. Please let us know more about yourself via contact form.
  • What is the target for the Maple Classifieds?
    Maple classifieds is a Canadian base website and we want to have a 100% Canadian service for our Canadian people. There are tons of classifieds out there, but they mostly are made by others.
  • I want to know more, how can I get an answer to my other questions?
    Use the contact us page and we do our best to respond as soon as possible. We do monitor our site and the postings on regular basis.

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